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Publication date: 07 Jan 2015 \ Views: 7 400

Game Extra Credits

Age requirements: Adult only (18+)
Game status:
You can play the game for free
Game author:
Controls: Mouse
Sex type:
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Rating table:
Votes: 8
Likes: 100%
Dislikes: 0%
Total: 8
DescriptionAll game secrets:
Furry make BDSM love in the classroom. A good game from the popular game creator jasonafex. In the game you may change settings and speed of animation. Fluffy cat grabbed a beautiful pussy dressed in a red skirt. You can also observe the inner copulation. He put a collar on her, tied her hands and immediately stuck dick into her hole. The quality of the animation is at an average level. There are three kinds of speed available, but unfortunately there is no cumshot. Guys fucking on the floor.
Easter eggs are not available in this game

Extra Credits

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