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Publication date: 01 May 2016 \ Views: 32 732


Rating table:
Votes: 175
Likes: 93%
Dislikes: 7%
Total: 149
DescriptionAll game secrets:
You have only three days, three days to fuck all Ponyville! Interact with the ponies of the city and get from them tasks. Also worth paying attention to the availability of inventory in the game and the local currency. Anyway enjoy!
A Easter eggs is an unique objects in the game (secrets) which are often hidden from the eyes of players. Usually only the most attentive can detect them without any help.
Difficulty How to get?
Нет пасхалок [HOW TO SEE?] The result of all Easter eggs can be viewed in a special menu section> When 3 days have passed and the game is over, click on More Bullshit Mode
Easy You need to get to the railway station and take the bottle there> Place bottle by Berry's door
Normal Talk with Twixie and get own horn>Go to the Twilight's library and learn two spells>When Trixie goes to sleep turn off the shield and click on magic book>Take the book back to the Twilight.
Easy To fuck dj pon-3 you need to go to her house and click on the center of music plate
Easy To fuck Pinkie you need to take a small ball and give it to her
Easy Talk with Twixie and get own horn>Go to the Twilight's library and learn two spells>Smash the stone to help Applejack> Go past the farm and click on the house


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